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Using Social Media to launch and sell Migraine X

Cirrus Healthcare asked us to help launch their new invention and develop a campaign that drives direct sales.

How do we leverage social media for sales?

Cirrus Healthcare specializes in developing personal healthcare products that reduce ear-pressure to help prevent and treat some of the world’s most common and debilitating conditions.

12% of adults suffer from migraines in the US. Migraine X is a clinically proven remedy that helps people with weather-related pressure headaches. One of the best ways for communicating solutions for people with migraine issues is word of mouth, which is why we wanted to focus our launch on social media, the digital “word of mouth.”

The strategy highly depended on delivering a creative concept that stands out in the social media noise, communicates the novelty, explains that the main focus is on weather-related headaches, and intrigues our audience enough to click on the link to the companies Amazon shop.

Our idea was to turn the weather forecasts into migraine forecasts and showcase a process bar indicating how Migraine X helps overcome headaches.

Various executions allowed us to target specific dates when weather-related pressure headaches were more likely to happen.

As word of mouth and referrals were key elements to successful sales conversions in the Amazon store, our strategy included review boosting marketing automation.

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