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Rebranding Meeting Logistics to MTG

Meeting Logistics asked Room Six to create a new brand that would showcase its unique edge as a full-service meeting and planning agency, specializing in organizing events and meetings for highly restricted industries. We like a challenge. So we went for it.

How do you bring a brand front and center when their job is to stay in the background?

Founded by Catherine Mullen, the company offers a wide range of services including healthcare meetings, industry trade shows, corporate product launches, employee appreciation retreats and gala events all over the world. In highly restricted industries, like the Pharmaceutical industry, organizing an event or a meeting goes beyond renting a meeting room. Trust, legal compliance, and protection of reputation are essential. Because a meeting agency is entrusted to manage the complicated process from start to finish, they need a brand identity and marketing materials that display professionalism, experience, and comprehensive service offerings.
For Room Six, our work started with a brand environment analysis, identifying the opportunities and impact the brand could make. Throughout this investigation, we decided the brand should have more creativity and less “logistics,” which is how Meeting Logistics became MTG. The new brand identity reflects creativity and simplicity.

Design Concepts

The selected concept included design elements that showcase how MTG responds to the ever-changing challenges of its projects.


The redesigned website is the storefront of our new brand. For this important communication tool, we brought the WORK front and center and created dedicated pages for some of the unique industries  MTG serves. These sections can be used as dedicated landing pages as well, targeting the various audiences with a dedicated home page.

Room Six doesn’t like to keep our client hostage. An easy-to-use content management system was developed for the client team with tutorial videos. The client can handle content updates and changes to the site in-house, quickly and efficiently.


Presentation Template

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