The NYC Board of Elections (BOE) asked us to help to introduce the adoption of Early Voting, clarify the process, and differentiate new options for voters.

How do we communicate a change in an old institutional process without creating confusion, yet still delivering desired results?

Through our NYC partner, VGD, Room Six has been involved with educating  New Yorkers on the election process since 2015. The NYC BOE is a governmental organization responsible for running the elections in the City of New York.One of the objectives for the  NYC Board of Elections is to make the wait times at poll sites shorter and run the election process more efficiently.

Americans are used to voting on Election Day, which is historically on a Tuesday. Even in the City That Never Sleeps, it’s not easy to get to a poll site on a Tuesday.  The implementation of a new option, Early Voting, would give New Yorkers 10 extra days to vote.

The key challenge was to introduce this change without creating confusion. What added to the level of difficulty was the fact that the Early Voting poll site locations and hours were different from those on Election Day.

Room Six approached this campaign with a focus on clarity and empowering voters to embrace a new, beneficial opportunity. We developed a design language that clearly differentiated the voting options in a consumable format. We created habit-changing messaging that placed the benefits of Early Voting front and center. Daily updates on social media and an Early Voting countdown on digital billboards helped support communication of the dates and options.

The campaign was rolled out city wide from TV to digital billboards and social media.


To avoid confusion around Early Voting locations and poll site hours, Room Six designed a website to communicate dates and locations, and integrated a poll site locator tool where voters could find personalized information.

The notification mailer with voter card

Fast Pass Tag

Skipping the registration table has never been more convenient. Room Six designed a key tag that can be used on each of the four election days that takes place in NYC. The goal of the Fast Pass Tag was to eliminate confusion between IDs and Voter Cards and provide a convenient tool that can be carried around at all times.

Digital Press Kit

Room Six has also created a digital press kit, with sharable assets for BOE’s community partners to support grassroots outreach.

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