Customer Feedback with a Smile

Humanizing automated feedback machines for restaurant giant, Eurest

Eurest wanted to gather customer feedback with a digital, on-site device to collect suggestions.

How can we give personality to a device so customers will engage and share feedback?

The food industry is a competitive market. Eurest Ltd. has been present in Hungary for over 20 years as a subsidiary of Compass Group. Every day 40,000 people eat every in their restaurants, and almost 100,000 people regularly enjoy their service at their workplace, hospitals, or educational and social institutions. To remain successful, Eurest sought constructive feedback to address customer needs and improve services.
Our job was to brand the device and the creative concept of the campaign. We wanted to highlight a consumer-friendly communication channel and a customer-friendly design, so we aimed to give a friendly character to the device. The kind, smiling face helped to draw users to the kiosks and the satisfaction surveys. To support the campaign, we designed wall posters, roll-ups, table tents, guidelines - all in both Hungarian and English. Eurest developed separate hardware for this campaign, and we created the user interface design for that hardware.
The device was used year-round in more than 50 restaurants, and tens of thousands of people participated in the campaign. Eurest exceeded their business objectives. When our partner is happy, that makes us happy too.


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