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Creating a group training brand experience for XBody

XBody, an EMS fitness device producer, asked us to create a new brand for a dynamic group training with music.

How do we turn group training into a brand experience?

Our long-time partner, XBody, turned to Room Six to create a unique brand and all the marketing assets for their recently developed concept of a group workout. The theory was based on an already existing workout with their EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) machine, called Actiwave. This is an EMS device that allows training with and without cables for up to 6 clients at a time. We were asked to create a completely new concept for this group training, which has a similar role in the EMS segment to that of spinning in the fitness sector. They defined some elements of the concept: the dark room, colorful lights, and high-intensity music. They wanted to have a fun, energetic, customer-friendly brand with two aims: to grow the number of customers, and to sell this group training concept to gyms and fitness companies. We just fell in love with this project. So we jumped right in.

XBody designs, manufactures, and distributes highly innovative and advanced EMS devices in the fitness and wellness industries. They are present in 84 countries worldwide, and their network and number of customers are rapidly increasing.

First, we had to define the brand, its visuals, and its values. As a brand name, we suggested XBeat, as it resonates with the XBody brand and also  with the high-intensity music. The dramatic typography and high contrast colors (which refer to the high-intensity music) convey the look and feel that is a mixture of energizing training and a club atmosphere. With these thoughts in mind, we aimed to convey that this group workout is not just enjoyable but also challenging. We were able to create an eye-catching, vibrant design and an impressive website that perfectly appeals to XBeat’s new generation of consumers. This project kept us busy for several weeks because it involved so many assets in the field of B2B and B2C marketing. At the end of this project, we felt accomplished and proud—just like a customer at the end of an XBeat session.

The campaign was rolled out city wide from TV to digital billboards and  social media.



Tradeshow Decoration

The XBeat concept launched at FIBO in 2019, the world's biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health. XBeat had an unmatched success, and shortly after the exhibition, the first XBeat studios opened up in Austria.

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