Generating unborn leads

Branding and product development for Regenera stem cell bank

Regenra Swiss needed to market a product that is expensive, intangible, and a long-term prospect.

How do we sell a process of possibility?

Regenera Swiss has been active in the healthcare market for over ten years. Their core competence is the development and sale of cell therapeutic products and services, in particular the extraction, processing, and storage of stem cells. This can be a complicated, intimidating, and abstract idea for consumers.
To simplify the product and to sell the service, we put it in a box. A box full of potential. What we are selling is an option for the future. Creating a physical product helps a customer simplify the process, visualize the product, and consider the service. That’s how ReCord was born. Pun intended.
The ReCord brand merges elements of the company Regenera with taking a sample, hence the use of recording. We switched the focus of the brand from process to feelings. Moving from industry jargon to emotional storytelling, we put an emphasis on addressing fear and trust issues that can arise in a highly competitive stem cell market.
The brand became clear and clean, highlighting an almost sterile environment, with an emotional tone and image for the brand.

Design Concepts

Various design concepts were developed for the new brand that came to life with mood boards, which imagined the brand in multiple environments.

Before After

ReCord Box

Box Documentation

The box reached new sales channels, through selling in physical form, like pharmacies.We grouped its overwhelming content for two audiences, parents and clinical staff for extraction, which were visually differentiated. Each audience had multiple sub groups of the content: things to HOLD, USE and RETURN.


Product and brand development was step one. Now it’s time to attract our audience that’s changing every 9 months. Sales support through lead generation had to follow. Room Six designed marketing materials for trade shows and an automated lead generation campaign with elements from digital advertising campaigns through website and landing pages, email automation and CRM setup.

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